As pastor of the Thirteenth Street Presbyterian Church in New York City, Dr. Albert B. Simpson focused on bringing his well-to-do congregation out of their exclusivity and opening their hearts to the masses around them. His ideas were met with resistance, and eventually Dr. Simpson resigned as pastor. After his resignation, Dr. Simpson established the Gospel Tabernacle, an independent congregation made up of united believers who had the same hunger for the deeper things of God. With this congregation, Dr Simpson established an orphanage and a home for single mothers.

In 1887, Dr. Simpson started the missionary movement that became known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). He created the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, which focused on bringing the hope of Christ to the most neglected missionary fields, and the Christian Alliance, which helped people pursue the deeper Christian life. In 1897, the two groups merged as a parachurch organization, and in 1974 the C&MA reorganized as a denomination.

Today, the C&MA supports 800 missionaries in fifty-eight nations and partners with churches in eighty-one countries and territories.

“He is showing us the plan for a Christian church that is much more than an association of congenial friends to listen once a week to an intellectual discourse and musical entertainment and carry on by proxy a mechanism of Christian work; but rather a church that can be at once the mother and home of every form of help and blessing which Jesus came to give to lost and suffering men, the birthplace and the home of souls, the fountain of healing and cleansing, the sheltering home for the orphan and distressed, the school for the culture and training of God’s children, the armory where they are equipped for the battle of the Lord and the army which fights those battles in His name.”
– A.B. Simpson

“The church today is suffering from too much intellectual culture and too little spiritual unction. No class of men more than the class represented by Apollos need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The more brain we have, the more spiritual power we need to preserve the true balance of humility and heavenly mindedness.”
– A.B. Simpson

“I will not settle for conventional Christianity for respectable Christians. We must be out reaching the masses.”
– A.B. Simpson

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