Here are the Values for Cornerstone Church:

Biblical Authority – The Bible is our source for how to live life.  It’s the best way to live!

Follow Hard After Jesus – Jesus has all of the answers.  We want to live in the power of the Holy Spirit like He did.

We’re a Family – We’re not perfect, so we believe in loving and accepting other imperfect people because our Heavenly Father loves and accepts us.

Gifted Service – The Holy Spirit has given each of us strengths and abilities for the purpose of serving others.

Reaching Outward – We believe in reaching beyond the church with the love, forgiveness, and message of eternal life that Jesus has given us.

Stewardship of Life – Everything comes from God and belongs to God.  He has entrusted it to us to use wisely.

Lifestyle of Worship – We’re committed to living life in a way that celebrates the greatness of God.